Are you currently accepting new clients?

No, I am not currently accepting new clients. I will not be accepting new clients until May 2021. If you have an interest in getting on my waitlist for May 2021, feel free to email me at shay.laur@gmail.com.

What is the process for becoming a client?

First, I suggest doing a free initial 20-minute consultation with me, either in person or over the phone, to discuss whether we would be a good fit for a counselling relationship. During this consultation, you are welcome to ask me any questions you may have about me and my work. I will also ask you some questions about yourself and the concerns that you are hoping to address in counselling. If we determine that we are a good fit, I will put you on my waiting list for services starting in May 2021 at the earliest. Once you have waited on my waitlist, you become a client - at which point, you can use my online booking system to book sessions with me. If in the initial consultation we determine that we aren't a good fit for a counselling relationship, I will do my very best to connect you with an appropriate counsellor or service.

What is the process for coming in for couples counselling?

In addition to the steps above, the couples I work with complete an online relationship assessment and each partner comes in for one individual session before we begin couples counselling.

Is everything we discuss confidential?

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor and as a Registered Social Worker, I have a professional obligation to keep all of your information confidential, including your identity and status as my client, as well as information about what we discuss in sessions. None of this information will be released to anyone without your informed, voluntary, and written consent. The only exceptions to this are: If you disclose a plan to imminently harm yourself or someone else, disclosure of abuse of a vulnerable person, such as a child or elderly person, or in the highly unlikely event that my records are subpoenaed by court order

What is your cancellation policy?

I require 24 hours notice for the cancellation of appointments. If less than 24 hours of notice are given, a portion of the session fee will be charged. If an appointment is missed with no notice given, the full session fee will be charged.

What are your counselling credentials?

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) #13221 with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and a Registered Social Worker (RSW) #10631 with the BC College of Social Workers. I have a Masters of Social Work Degree (MSW) from the University of British Columbia and have also obtained advanced clinical training including Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Narrative Therapy, Somatic Therapy, The Gottman Method, Sex Therapy, and Sexual Health Education.

Will my extended health insurance plan cover your services?

Probably. Most extended health plans will cover either RSW or RCC services, and because I have both designations, your plan will probably cover some sessions. Check with your HR department or extended health carrier to be sure; it’s also good to know what your yearly maximum is, so that we can plan accordingly. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask me by phone or email.

If I have extended health insurance coverage, do I still need to pay at the time of the appointment?

Yes, payment is due on the date of each counselling appointment. The process around extended health claims is that clients pay me directly and I issue an official receipt that they submit to their insurance, either by mail or online.

How can I benefit from CVAP (the Crime Victim Assistance Program)?

I am a a registered service provider for the Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) through the BC Ministry of Justice. If you are a victim of, or witness to a crime where you or someone else was injured physically or emotionally, you may be eligible for financial assistance from CVAP. In order to process payment through CVAP, I will require a copy of the letter of approval for funding from the Crime Victim Assistance Program as well as your claim number. Additionally, I have a limited number of spots available for clients for whom I will cover the difference in cost between my rate and the payout by CVAP in order to ensure that victims of crime can access counselling with me at no cost to them (please inquire about the availability of these spots). To learn more about the program or to apply, follow this link: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/justice/criminal-justice/bcs-criminal-justice-system/if-you-are-a-victim-of-a-crime/victim-of-crime/cvap-forms

Do you offer telephone or virtual counselling?

During COVID-19, I am only seeing clients for virtual and phone counselling. But usually the answer is no, other than the initial consultation, which can be either by phone or in person, I only offer counselling sessions in-person at my office in East Vancouver. I can make exceptions to this for existing clients who usually see me in person but cannot come to the office for occasional sessions (for example due to illness or travel).

Do you have a sliding scale?

I do not currently have any sliding scale spots available. The only exception to this is for clients who have CVAP (Crime Victim Assistance Program) funding - I have a limited number of slots for clients with CVAP funding for whom I will cover the difference in cost between my rate and the payout by CVAP. Please contact me to inquire about available CVAP spots.